The school always welcomes contact with parents/carers because this fosters mutual understanding and support which has a positive effect on children’s performance and their attitudes to learning. Through good communication we build relationships and knowledge that are vital to a thriving school community made up primarily of children, parents and educators. We will succeed by working closely together.
Underpinned by our school ethos, we strive to communicate truthfully, for the ultimate benefit of all in our community and in a pleasing and respectful way. We urge everyone to assume the best of each other and remember that we all want the best for the children in our care.
We hope that everyone in our community will use social media responsibly and respectfully. Use of social media (like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter) should not be used to discuss individual children, classes of children or members of staff. It should not be used to raise concerns or questions. From experience we have seen that misinformation can spread via social media whereas raising questions, concerns or other matters directly with staff can provide clarity. We also recommend that parents are cautious about raising concerns on this public forum as it can compromise the formal complaints procedures and comments about individual children and members of staff could damage relationships and compromise safeguarding and child protection.

The school will strive to communicate in ways that are commensurate with our vision and ethos. We have a Communication policy and Complaints policy to support our dialogue and we will communicate with you in a variety of ways:
● Newsletters (school and class)
● Letters from HT
● Website
● Email/ Parent mail
● Parent Forums
● Face to face
● Notes home
● Class Dojo
● Parent Consultations
● Parent Annual Reports
● Parent workshops

Download “Communication Policy 2018” Communications-Code-2018.pdf – Downloaded 106 times – 191 KB


We value your trust in the professionalism of our staff and ask that you treat them as professionals who work very hard to support your children. Please always communicate in ways that are commensurate with our school ethos. We welcome challenge but this needs to be balanced with awareness that our staff are well educated and understand how to develop children to their potential. If you have concerns, please address these first with the class teacher who will deal with them as appropriate or pass them on as needed. The school undertakes to treat all communications with parents/carers with courtesy. It expects to receive the same in return. Both parties will work towards identifying and resolving problems quickly and efficiently.   Where difficulties cannot be resolved, the Headteacher may be involved. If you feel your concerns are not adequately addressed please follow our Complaints’ Policy.

We will investigate any complaint in line with our complaints policy. Please note, that complaints cannot normally be considered unless the complainant has discussed the matter with the Headteacher. All complaints are confidential between the governor considering the complaint and the parents/carers and parties should not divulge information to others (including other staff or governors) without the agreement of parents/carers and the school. An Education Officer or other agencies will be invited in situations which are particularly complex, and in an effort to move forward.

Download “Complaints-Procedure-March-17.pdf” Complaints-Procedure-March-17-1.pdf – Downloaded 77 times – 186 KB

Download “Complaints-Form.pdf” Complaints-Form.pdf – Downloaded 72 times – 113 KB


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